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GOAL Reloaded

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Save Ghana Frogs is proud to re-launch the much loved interactive social media educational competition, Ghana Online Amphibian Literacy (GOAL) Project. From 25th July to 30th November 2020, GOAL will continue with its objective of throwing spotlight and raising awareness about unique amphibian species and their habitats in south-western Ghana.

The re-launch should hopefully garner the much needed public support for our calls to upgrade the protection status of vulnerable frogs’ habitats. The goal is to at least, improve management practices at Sui River Forest Reserve and Ankasa Conservation Area, to help reduce the risk of extinction of species such as the critically endangered Intermediate Puddle Frog (Phrynobatrachus intermedius).

Unlike the previous GOAL competition, we will host this re-run in four rounds; Group Stage, Quarter Final, Semi Final and the Final. Winners from each group will advance to the next round till the final to compete for the Grand Prize of an Infinix Note 7. Those who reach the final will automatically receive consolation prizes including conservation paraphernalia, customized t-shirts, books, airtime, etcetera. To compete, participants need to login to our e-learning centre dedicated to GOAL. Read the articles authored by Save Ghana Frogs' trained university student members and answer the follow-up questions. Participants will immediately be notified of their score with highest score winners advancing to the next level of the competition.

Terms and Conditions of Participation

The rules of engagement are simple:

· The competition is only open to residents in Ghana;

· Participants must be following @ Save Ghana Frogs' (Facebook) and @GhanaFrogs (Twitter) in order to enter;

· Participants must be 18 years and above;

· There is no entry fee for this competition;

· The opening and closing dates, times and all other alerts for each round will be announced on our social media pages; and

· Save Ghana Frogs will not be liable to reimburse expenses incurred in making an entry in the competition.

Social media statistics of Ghana indicate that the average Ghanaian youth spends approximately 105 minutes daily interacting on various social media platforms with Facebook and Twitter being the most patronised. Taking advantage of this huge social media presence, in 2016 we launched GOAL to share knowledge about amphibians and increase support for their conservation. GOAL’s first run clocked up over 500,000 interactions globally. This constitutes the highest active social media competition singularly dedicated to wildlife in Ghana. Popularity of the competition which generated lots of conversations online about a wildlife group hardly appreciated in Ghana has inspired this re-launch.

Announcement for GOAL Re-launch


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