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Julian Branscombe

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Julian Branscombe currently works as a project manager for Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Whilst at university, a summer vacation spent working on rainforest birds in south-west Ghana in 1989 made a deep impression upon him. When the opportunity to travel arose again in 2017, Julian made sure that he returned to Ghana. Since then he has been spending increasing amounts of his spare time supporting conservation in Ghana from afar. Whilst thinking of himself primarily as an ecologist and naturalist, Julian has considerable professional experience of leadership, governance, fundraising and project management. He is the chair of People and Wildlife Ghana, a UK-based charity which fundraises for Ghanaian community-based conservation. Julian says, “Nothing I have seen in 30 years of working in British nature conservation impresses me as much as the determined work of Save Ghana Frogs to save forest and frogs whilst improving livelihoods.

John Crossley

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John Crossley has spent most of his working life involved with rural land management, including species and habitat survey, outreach and advice to land managers, training of other professionals and actual farming too. For most of this time, John has been running his own business, with spells of working for a Government agency and a wildlife conservation charity. According to John, "I have lots of interests but botany is my main specialty and I have done much voluntary survey in my home area and maintain a database of many thousands of records." John lives and works in one of the Scottish islands, about as remote from Ghana as one could get, but the problems and challenges in this field are very similar the world over.  In semi-retirement now, John had the opportunity to visit Ghana and the Sui River forest reserve in 2019, where he found the successful work of Save Ghana Frogs and the local community inspiring, whilst being aware of the challenges ahead. John hopes that with his perspective and background, he can be of real assistance to the future work of SGF.

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